31 May, 2011

Super Junior M Concert :

Super Junior M come to here , heading their concert  on youth day !
So great , them far far away there was still have time to come here.
and it just free fees , it so freakin on that night . yeah i know that
i can be jealous with you all that was there show their concert
so lucky you all ELF'S .

I just can see them through the Fancam , So let's go
enjoy the pics and the vids , on the day Malaysian ELF record .

Wow ~ so many An ELF Malaysian come on that day . Yeah , I can tell you guys
i can see that name Super Junior M . So Perfect For Our boys .

This time sessiond to introduce the members , and many cute happen so enjoy this vids .

Introduce Super Junior-M 

Serena C : "I tell you what. SAYANG is the lower part, CINTA is SAYANG/SARANGHAE."
Eunhyuk : "CINTA is SAYANG."
Serena C : "SARANGHAE."
Eunhyuk : "SARANGHAE. huh? right?"
Serena C : Manjanya this one!"

SUPER JUNIOR M performance : Perfection,Destiny, Member Introduction .
SOLO PERFORMANCE : Henry,Zhoumi,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun,Eunhyuk dance.
Blue Tomorrow -> ENCORE -> Super Girl


  1. I pergi! Terbaikk!!!

    *Donghae x ada :'(

  2. @Stupidot :)
    Wow , besh nyer dpat pegy . hermm
    nani ta dpt pegy . jelos dgn elf yg pegy . ahha donghae and siwon ta dpat dtg .