06 May, 2011

Musim Sejuk :

Assalamualaikum , hyee hyee korunk
Agak lama juge lahh ak ta updated rite ~
So this entry abut last week pegy holiday
with family ofcourse , Only Two day one night .
plan nak pagy punn last minute bruu nak pegy , this the
first time aku pegy jalan jalan jauhh skit after Exam Dulu !

This Trip pegy ke Cameron Highland
tempat yg paling sejuk at malaysia including Genting Hinglang .
Convoi due car jerp . The time sampai dengan hotel ta tempah lagy
pusing pusing la cary hotel then after that check in at apartment
nasib lee adew klu ta tid dalam kete je lahh !

Ohh , this where i sleep that night .
wow ~ on that room fresh air jerr
no need air-conditioning , lantai punn sejuk gegila lerr .

And the next morning shopping time on garden :

Time to Strawberry Choclate , yummy yummy !

And Now Ice-cream time , ice-cream strawberry . So so Cold !

Strawberry Garden , Pick Yourself !

Souvenirs , Mcm mcm bleh dapat kat snieyh ~ hee .

With MySuperb Grandmother

MySuperb Mother & Lil Sis .

Anyway today my father birthday !
Abah Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun yg Ke-53 , Smoge Pnjang Umo And 
Dmurahkn Rezeky selalu amin . and selamat betugas !


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