18 March, 2011

SS3 at Malaysia :

Super Junior , my Korean Boys Band is here on malaysia right now .
This the third time super junior being touring all around the world .

Arrival : Friday (18mac) at 4.30pm
Stay : The Gardens Hotel @ Midvalley
Concert : Saturday (19mac) at 6.00pm
Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur
Departure : Sunday (20mac) at 11.00pm

Okeyh , so this the seat where so many ELF's
will be seat , watching , shouting too support Super Junior !
the rockpit seat so crazy i think .
OHH , so jealous too another elf''s
who went to the concert .

Enjoy This Pics , where suju At Incheon Airport To Malaysia :
for more another picture , Click here .

After 6 hours of flight, SJ must be very tired after the rehearsal.
For more information , Click here .
So sad , that i cant go there :( Those who went to the concert
please send my love too super junior .
Oppa , wait for me on SS4
and ELF'S please behave youself dont make
our oppa woryy . FIGHTING !


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