18 March, 2011

Dream High , Second Season :

Yeahh , finally, Korean Drama Series dream high is over.
Ohh , so missed it . okeyh ,KBS has finally confirmed that their popular teenage drama series, “Dream High“, will get a second season!
yeahh , Im totally excited .

But , the Actor and Actress they be going through an
audition process is still up for discussion.Omo ~ hope
that the Same actor . More Info
Click Here !

Hyemi-Suzy (MISS A)
Samdong-Kim Soo Hyun
Baekhui-Eun Jung (T-ARA)

This season will begin airing in January of 2012, just in time for winter break.

The Sweetest Couple Ever , I Love Them SoMuch EVER :)


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