30 June, 2011

As a Promise :

Hyee , bloggers ! Sorry lah sminggu ta mgupdated  .
As a promise kn waktu uh nani knew tidoo kat kampuss uhh . 
Okeyh so , here the story start .

On that second day , knew la pakaian smua
nk tidoo snew ktewkn . that evening adew buatt
presentation . Dah lah dlam uhh nly 3 girls jee adew
so bpecah lah girl . msing msing with group laki .
smua adew 3 group jee , ta psal psal plakk .
okeyh , so nani group with hafiz , hakim , yus , mad and shahril .
if ta slap arr nmew dorunk smua uhh . On that presentation
lah bru knal dorunk smua klu ta , sumpahh ta knal lgsungg . After that smbahyang 
mgrib and isyak then tidoo , Ringkas jee :D


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