04 March, 2011

*New Korean Drama Series :

Hyee, all bloggers .
Morning Morning ! yeah, it is 11:26
but I have yet another shower. haha
yeah, I smell right now:)
BTW ~ sudh lmew ta unline blog nieyh , ngehh .
yeah , besides on title ! I want post about new
korean drama on channel 393 (One HD)

FIRST : Paradise Ranch

Dong Joo(Max TVXQ)and Da Ji(Lee Yeon Hee)were once a couple who were married at 19 but they quickly divorced. Years passed, they both return to their old house and discover 
that their feelings for each other have been endured.

HAHA , drama nieyh mmg sengal gile ! lawak punn adew meyhh .
but perangai heroin uhh mcm naive jeee . saba je lee .
yay , my oppa belakon uhh ! suke tgok dye .
Okeyh ctew nieyh sudh eps 4 next week eps 5 and 6 .
nak tgok online punn buleh click Here !
On TV only Monday and Tuesday .


Ohh , suke yg nieyh even adew bored skit lerr . huhu
ctew nieyh kn mcm ctew CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
Okeyh , ctew nieyh sdh eps 6 next week eps 7 and 8 . 

“Sign” covers the lives and difficulties of forensics doctors at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Go Da-Kyung (Kim Ah-Joong) is frequently scolded by Yoon Ji-Hoon (Park Shin-Yang), but still is tenacious in her purpose. A hidden truth also prevails in a mysterious case surrounding them and their organization. Online drama just click Here ! on monday and tuesday .

P/s : both drama nieyh adew ulangan on tuesday and 
wednesday , pkul 1 hingga 4 gituh lerr .
        so , on next week jgn lupe keyhh :DD ! Suke kerr Click lerr 
Button Like uhh Comment lerr skaly yerp .


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