05 February, 2011

Fly Me With The Star

Okeyh , ctew nk share nieyh
mmg ta dew knew mgnew dgn si bintang .
haha , sjewp jewp dh tadew title laen nk taruk .
tuh punn mean tarukk jakk .

So , tommorow nk gew cuty ! even mmg ak dh lmew
cuty sesgt nieyh . but esok lerr the times nk gew
lepak-ing with my family.
we are going to Lumut , ak tahu tmpat tuh mmg lerr
sesgt famous and sesgt dekat juge lerr kt umh sndry
haha , but dh lmew ta kelaut . ituh yg fams cdang
nk ge snew cuty msin ryewp cina nieyh .

P/s : ngehh , patut skunk nieyh knew packing but still buleh mhadap com nieyh.
bju punn ta gsok lagy , hehe ! Ohh , ta lupe juge Happy Lunar New Year.
keyh lahh korunk . nite nite :DD


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