06 December, 2010

Wink wink

Hye , blogger ! huhu , Now baru dpat updated new post
after busy edit plus make-up my blogg with cool tutorial.

Heee , nak tahu ta kat new ? tuh Scroll mouse
kat bwah , then mesty jumpe  The coolest tutorial ,
yeah , link dorunk adew tuh , just one click jewp.
pilih jewp mnew mnew owner , msty bejaya punye-lah.
then , mcm mcm owner tuh ajar tahu !
make-up blog kasi meletup , acehh ak nyer ta lh
meletups sgt , just baru jewp , blaja
mahu kasi ups , skit nieyh ! blog yg usang.
btw ~ thnks all bloggers , cos rajin visit mine ,
yeah , im also always vsiting and walkin walkin.


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