03 November, 2010

totally-hard ♥

omo ~ i thought only me love korean band , mine dong-seng , act at school .
yeah them just like crazy of kpop ! kamsahamnida KPOP
u make me drive crazy ~ HAHA , Lol .

yeah , my dong-seng always
scream my name , yeah they always do like that
never bored until now . what thought im famous .
oh god ofcourse not , im just a simple person
that loyal at korean band ! yeah im mean it .
anyway ~ my dong-seng and me love super junior
so much damn . know what , i think it's be part of my life !
now my friend , after she heard super junior song no-other .
now she loves KPOP BAND . yeah , she fallen in love with siwon oppa !
btw ~ my bias oppa choi kyuhyun , oppa saranghaeyo ♥


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